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Microsoft Windows app "Daemon Tools Lite 10" Torrent is rated with 4.0 points out of 5 on TorrentHood according to 3 ratings by visitors. Software is developed by DT Soft Ltd and it is suitable for Microsoft Windows operating system with 32-bit or 64-bit version. Daemon Tools Lite 10 release date is May 20, 2015, before this date program is not available for download with uTorrent.
Daemon Tools Lite 10 download torrent
Year/Date: May 20 2015
Developers: DT Soft Ltd
OS: Microsoft Windows 32-bit/64-bit
Language: Multilingual
Version(s): v10.1.0.74 v10.5.1.0230 + Patch
Torrent: 19.9 MB 24.7 GB

Software infoDAEMON Tools Lite 10 allows you to mount all known types of disc image files and emulates up to 4 DT + SCSI + HDD devices. It enables you to create images of your optical discs and access them via well-organized catalog.

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Daemon Tools Lite 10
Daemon Tools Lite 10
Daemon Tools Lite 10

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Daemon Tools Lite 10 (v10.1.0.74) Size: 19.9 MB | Version: v10.1.0.74 | Language: English | OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Daemon Tools Lite 10 (v10.5.1.0230 + Patch) Size: 24.7 GB | Version: v10.5.1.0230 + Patch | Language: Multilingual | OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Torrent Info
  • Crack Status: Included
  • Language: English/Multilingual
  • Download Size: 19.9 MB/24.7 GB
  • Available version: v10.1.0.74/v10.5.1.0230 + Patch
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10/Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit)
App Info
  • Release Year: 2015
  • Date: May 20
  • Developer(s): DT Soft Ltd
  • Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (according to 3 users votes on TorrentHood)
  • Source: Wikipedia, Daemon Tools

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Daemon Tools Lite 10 Daemon Tools Lite 10 Daemon Tools Lite 10
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Full Software Torrent Review

No TOP game for today.

It is a real pain-and of course slow-to constantly swap CDs and DVDs from your optical drive. It may take around half a minute on your driveway and Windows to mount a disk. Gamers who have to leave a copy-protected disk in the drive so as to play a match are particularly affected. Hence pay goods like AnyDVD along with many others who emulate a CD/DVD driveway and make it possible for you to mount disk images (files containing all of the data from a disk) into a virtual drive. Luckily for people on a budget, then there is a completely free choice: Daemon Tools Lite.

I have been using Daemon Tools for many years for mounting Rosetta Stone language disks and so on, together with nary a sign of a issue, although the bug list suggests that some individuals have at one time or another. But show me a schedule whose customers have not. The app hangs out from the system tray in which you right-click onto it to mount a picture and change preferences, or left-click to get an emulated drive (that can also be accessible from Windows Explorer). Daemon Tools will not mount each picture kind out there. But, you can generally find anything dispersed in these formats in plain outdated, totally harmonious .ISO should you look hard enough.

DAEMON tools was originally a successor of Generic SafeDisc emulator and incorporated all of its features. The program claims to be able to defeat most copy protection schemes such as SafeDisc and SecuROM. It is currently compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. DAEMON Tools has a special mode for proper operation of copies of discs with advanced protection (SafeDisc, SecuRom and LaserLock, CDCOPS, StarForce and Protect CD), which are used on some discs with games.

Daemon Tools Lite 10 Torrent

But, commercial customers are expected to pay a commission. Daemon Tools Lite includes a plug-in design and there are numerous add-ins readily available, such as one that enables you to create ISO images (yes, such as the Pro version), and you to manage newer Securom copy-protected discs. If you frequently use CD/DVD then you understand the pain of always swapping them from you optical drive. Swapping CD/DVD again and may cause scratches to those that may cause information destruction.Other thing is it's time-consuming procedure. Half or a complete moment is shot by Windows and push to mount a disk. Gamers know this pain over anybody.

Thus, to overcome this difficulty there are lots of products available which emulate a CD/DVD and make it possible for you to make disc. However, these products can burn a hole in your pocket as they're extremely pricey. This application can save yourself a good deal of time by preventing you swapping CDs or DVDs from optical drive. You are able to create disk images and mount them into virtual apparatus quite easily. You are able to mount these devices if you would like to utilize them by clicking on the picture and choose mount. Daemon Tools Lite supports most of popular kinds of files. The application provides some extra features also. Mounting disk, Erase disk, Writable digital apparatus, virtual HDD, USB, picture creator, sound picture creator are a few new capabilities. You may make virtual drive for any kind of device. Daemon Tools Lite service many types of document formates. Besides mounting CD/DVD pushes it delivers some extra and powerful features like ISO image founder, progress bracket, virtual burner and a lot more. I've covered an in-depth overview of Daemon Tools Lite. It clarifies the use and features of the wonderful tool.

DAEMON Tools Lite is ideal to work with files you have and to create new images from optical discs, data files and Audio CDs. Your files are safe with VHD backups and TrueCrypt containers, as DAEMON Tools Lite 10 enables you to choose a way to store and protect your data. In addition to high-level protection, you can add a RAM disk to get the best PC performance ever.

Setup method is smooth, simply download the application and install it. During the setup procedure you'll have to pick license type whether it's free or paid. Interface of this application is quite straightforward. Daemon Tools Lite has concentrated on its own performance and eliminated any unnecessary components. When you start Daemon Tools Lite you find a major window and choices are provided on the left sidebar. Pictures, new picture, disk burnoff, Virtual HDD, USB, Writable digital apparatus are the choices you may pick from according to your need. Create virtual drives Very Quickly. Virtual drives since the title suggest are all virtual. They simply emulate the true disk drive such as a floppy disk or hard disk.

Download Daemon Tools Lite 10

You are able to make new data pictures easily. New picture choice in left sidebar of primary window of Daemon Tools Lite lets you make new data picture very quickly. For adding a new data picture you'll need to define files format and place. You could even produce audio disc image and may also convert a picture by convert picture option. Disc burn choice available in the primary window of Daemon Tools Lite. Disc burn permits you to burn pictures, folders and files to bodily optical apparatus. There are five choices available viz. Burn a picture, Burn a data disc, Burn an Audio CD, copy a disc and Erase a disc drive.

Each function's name states what it will. Using Erase a disc , it is possible to delete all of the information from a rewritable disk with only one click. Burn an Audio disk allows you to make an audio CD from your favourite music files. Same manner, you can burn your files and folders into any physical optical apparatus by utilizing intercept a data disk. Writable digital drives are used for burning pictures from the computer software. To the machine this drive will appear as a bodily writable drive.

Daemon Tools Lite 10 Full

If you would like to emulate RAM then opt for this choice. It will permit you to make a virtual RAM for quicker access. ISCSI initiator is something which permits you to connect different physical and virtual devices through internet or local community. This not only allows you to receive access to apparatus which are found in your PC but also other apparatus shared on various iSCSI servers. It's possible for you to see the name and IP address following a server is included. To see available goal, double click the domain.

There are more choices available that are Properties, Connect, export refresh and setting. Properties button shows you all of the information about specific goal. You can connect or disconnect a goal utilizing link button. Refresh alternatives allows you to search available distant goal. It is possible to save information regarding target in your hard apparatus by export placing. The free version of Daemon Tools Lite provides just 4 virtual apparatus but if you would like to have more devices you'll be able to buy the professional version. Free version is sufficient for individual use and for industrial usage you want to obtain expert version which costs $16. Total pack is also available that offers Professional attributes for half cost, life upgrades for 3 PCs and complete support with no advertisements and prices $33.99.

Daemon Tools Lite is among the greatest applications for emulating and organizing your own disk images. The program is extremely user friendly and fulfills all of your disk related conditions. The digital drives support is remarkable. I believe that the free version is more than sufficient for normal use however, you might choose the paid version if you'd like.

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