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Action TV Show "Lethal Weapon" (Season 2) Torrent is rated with 8.1 points out of 10 on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) according to 27,574 ratings by critics. Series is created by Matthew Miller and the main stars are N/A. Season begins with first episode called "El Gringo Loco", official air date is September 26, 2017. Season 2 consists of 22 episodes, single episode estimated length is 1 hour with 570 MB download size and 720p resolution, full season size 65.6 GB with 1080p resolution.

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Air Date: 2017 September 26
End Date: 2018 May 8
Resolution: 720p 1080p
IMDb: 8.1 27,574 Votes
Quality: HDTV WEBRip
Genre: Action TV Shows
Full Season: 65.6 GB 22 Episodes
Episode: 570 MB Episode

Series synopsisRiggs plans to finish off Tito Flores in Mexico where Murtaugh follows him. Riggs and Murtaugh uncover a drug ring at a wellness clinic while investigating a plastic surgeon's death.

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Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon

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Full SeasonEpisode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20 Episode 21 Episode 22
Full Season - "Lethal Weapon S02 Torrent"Episode 1-22 inside | WEBRip | 1080p | 65.6 GB
Episode 1El Gringo Loco
Episode 2Dancing in September
Episode 3Born to Run
Episode 4Flight Risk
Episode 5Let it Ride
Episode 6Gold Rush
Episode 7Birdwatching
Episode 8Fork-Getta-Bout-It
Episode 9Fools Rushing In
Episode 10Wreck the Halls
Episode 11Funny Money
Episode 12Diggin' Dirt Up
Episode 13Better Living Through Chemistry
Episode 14Double Shot of Baileys
Episode 15An Inconvenient Ruth
Episode 16Ruthless
Episode 17The Odd Couple
Episode 18Frankie Comes to Hollywood
Episode 19Leo Getz Hitched
Episode 20Jesse's Girl
Episode 21Family Time
Episode 22One Day More

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  • Quality: HDTV (high quality) or WEBRip (high quality)
  • Resolution: 720p (HD) or 1080p (FULL HD)
  • Download Size: 570 MB (per episode) or 65.6 GB (full season)
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitles: None
Season Info
  • Premiere Date: 2017 (September 26)
  • Star(s): Damon Wayans, Clayne Crawford, Keesha Sharp, Kevin Rahm, Michelle Mitchenor, Jordana Brewster, Johnathan Fernandez
  • Creator(s): Matthew Miller
  • Duration: approx 1 hour (per episode)
  • Rating: 8.1 (according to 27,574 user votes on IMDb)
  • Source: Wikipedia, IMDb
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon

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The Season 2 Premiere of Lethal Weapon picks up fourteen days following the Season 1 finale. Detective Roger Murtaugh is down in Mexico searching for his spouse Martin Riggs, who's out for revenge from Tito Flores, the guy who murdered his wife and unborn child. He informs her that he must call her back because he believes he found Riggs. Meanwhile, in a resort area, Riggs is planning to kill Tito Flores. Tito informs him he won't make it from the resort living and Riggs claims that is the strategy also that he and Tito are moving out together.

When Murtaugh reaches the hotel room floor that he sees the bodies of Flores's guys who Riggs murdered, he reaches the area as Riggs is going to kill Flores. He informs him that he wants to set the gun down and they will need to do things the ideal way and deliver Flores so he could stand trial.

For its first two seasons, Lethal Weapon starred Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh and Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs, mismatched detective partners who were also the main characters in the film series, originally played by Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. The series includes other characters directly or loosely inspired by characters from the films, including Leo Getz (played by Thomas Lennon)—a close friend of Riggs and Murtaugh.

Lethal Weapon Season 2 Torrent

When Riggs does not listen, at a last-ditch attempt to prevent him from murdering Flores, Murtaugh informs Riggs he enjoys him that makes him put down the gun. Riggs and Murtaugh immediately leave the resort and place Tito from the vehicle to take him back to Los Angeles but things do not go just as planned. Riggs accidentally closes the back on Murtaugh's finger causing them to need to visit the hospital so that he could have his finger .

In precisely the exact same time in Los Angeles, Captain Avery has been contested from the Internal Affairs panel concerning what Riggs and Murtaugh do down in Mexico, he states they are still fishing. After Riggs and Murtaugh return to the channel they ship Captain Avery a notice telling him they've Tito Flores, however once they go out for him they locate Tito shot in the mind. This makes them be challenged by the board and finally wind up suspended. While walking from this construction together with Riggs, Murtaugh admits he may have told the nurse about Tito being at the back while he was on Morphine and states that they should begin trying to work out who murdered him by speaking to her. Riggs says they're on leave, and if Murtaugh suggests breaking up the principles Riggs says maybe not that time and that he's done being a cop.

Download Lethal Weapon Season 2

If Roger goes home he's angry because he believes R J and Rianne are throwing a party with no or her Trish understanding. He finds out he's incorrect when Trish greets him and tells him she let the children have the party at their home so that she can observe them. He then gets angry since RJ chose a college with him and Rianne got a belly button ring with no understanding. Trish is angry with him because each time she tried phoning him while he had been in Mexico he had been in a hot tub or a pub and he did not bother to call when he dropped his finger. Meanwhile, Riggs is throwing off the situation files from his spouse's departure when Dr. Cahill comes to watch him and gives him back the suicide note that he wrote before he left for Mexico. She tells him that the world is a much better place with him inside.

Murtaugh goes into the Urgent Care to speak to the nurse who treated him. Initially, she does not let him because she believes he murdered Tito Flores but if Murtaugh informs her that folks are there to kill her and asks her that she toldshe says she told her brother since he's a Border Patrol Agent. Following Roger needs for her to open the doorway she eventually lets him. After Roger hides her into a cupboard, he then hides and chooses among Flores guys by surprise and then stabs him in the foot using a scalpel. When Roger proceeds to catch the man's gun that he receives guns pulled on him Tito's guys but receives assistance from Riggs who shoots the guys from out until they could kill Murtaugh. Roger requires Bailey to have her put out a BOLO for your nurse's brother, Gordon Barnes however she does not need to since he shows up in the station and admits to Tito Flores Murder. Riggs goes into speak to him and asks him how it felt to kill Flores but if Gordon can not give him a response Riggs realizes Gordon didn't kill Tito whatsoever.

Back in his property, Roger buys everybody their favourite food for a means to apologize for how he acted. His apology dinner becomes interrupted by Riggs that comes to tell him that Gordon didn't kill Flores. The Internal Affairs Panel does not agree since Raul Mendez, Tito's second in command took over immediately, Bailey comes to provide Captain Avery the notice that Gordon Barnes didn't kill Flores. Murtaugh and Riggs visit the prison to speak to Gordon but if Gordon says that he just shot Tito from the mind as soon as they know for certain Gordon didn't kill him. Gordon finally admits he did not kill Tito but Raul Mendez failed and that he threatened to kill his own Sister if Gordon didn't disclose, but Gordon captured the telephone call with Raul as insurance.

Download Lethal Weapon Season 2 Full Torrent

Murtaugh and Riggs return to proof lockup in which Riggs gets grenades and a grenade launcher to shoot down them to Mexico whenever they move after Raul. When they reunite to Mexico Riggs interrupts Tito's funeral also contains guns pulled on him no one can shoot him since he's strapped with grenades. Riggs says everybody who isn't apart of this cartel can depart. At precisely the exact same time, Murtaugh is on the telephone with Trish telling her what that's going on if somebody comes in and strikes him and they become a fight. This waits Riggs strategy to expose Raul using the recording Gordon gave them with a couple of minutes. When it's eventually is performed with a shootout begins and Raul convinces Riggs to assist him escape alive by agreeing to provide him what he wants to take the cartel.

Back in Los Angels Riggs and Murtaugh get reinstated, Cahill informs Riggs to fulfill her eight a.m. to get a counselling session because he's back on the drive, and he moves to his wife Miranda's tomb. Murtaugh and Trish throw a celebration and Trish informs Roger It is ok to not tell her what and at times just a little puzzle is a fantastic thing. In general, I believe this was a wonderful Episode that saw the capability to pepper amusing moments amongst a mentally heavy principal storyline.

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